Can objects tell the story of our lives?


As part of our ongoing interest in insight and participatory art, this year we are working with Paula Zuccotti (author of Every Thing We Touch ) to create a piece of work titled “What Does Hope Look Like For Us?”

As such, when you come to the island, please bring an object from home that represents HOPE to you.

Upon arrival on Monday morning, you’ll hand over your object at the Bomb Factory where we will collect and catalogue everything. Paula will photograph everyone’s objects together (that is 220 objects!) and create a piece of work for all of us.  Before the evening BBQ, you will be able to collect your object.

I have attached an example of Paula’s work, so you can see what we are looking to create!

It would be wonderful if everyone who is with us is represented by their object, your name will be included in the piece.

If you have time – it would also help Paula if you were able to WhatsApp her (07855 878 497) a quick picture of your chosen object before Friday – but still bring your object with you.

What you choose to bring is entirely up to you and  how you interpret HOPE (ornament, garment, memorabilia, accessory, book, letter, utensil, album, tool, trophy, makeup, etc.)

The OffGrid Team & Paula