Tom Baldwin

2024 - Seven Myths That Changed A Country

In an election year when this country stands on the cusp of a change in government, there will once again be efforts to over-inflate myths about England that block out what’s important in our politics. Author and bestselling biographer of Keir Starmer Tom Baldwin, will unravel seven myths that have distorted ideas of this country and provided ammunition for charlatans or culture warriors from both left and right. Tom provides clues for how a humbler, less grandiose, set of ideas rooted in real lives can help fix some of the things that have gone so badly wrong in recent years.

Tom Baldwin is a British journalist, author and former Labour Party senior adviser. He has worked as a journalist for a number of national titles including The Times and The Sunday Telegraph. He was also a senior political adviser to Ed Miliband, and director of communications and strategy at the Labour Party. He has written a book, Ctrl Alt Delete, about technology’s “abusive relationship with truth in media and politics” over the past thirty years.