Sherry Coutu

2018 - Going from start-up to scale

Research shows that fewer than 3% of start-ups both survive for a decade and enjoy a single year of high growth. The problem now is not the quantity of entrepreneurial activity in the UK, but the ability to turn that activity into high-growth scale-ups

All too often businesses collapse because of a pursuit of growth at all costs. Without a long-term, sustainable strategy, a relentless focus on innovation and the appropriate support and guidance at the critical times, failure can too easily occur – regardless of how good the business proposition might be.

Bringing a wealth of experience and real life pragmatism, Sherry Coutu CBE will talk about her experience and insight in how you take a business from start-up to scale up, as well her continuing work in bridging the gap between education and industry.

Sherry Coutu CBE is a serial entrepreneur, former CEO and angle investor and non executive. She is also CEO of Founders4schools.