Russell Davies

2023 - Interesting. The need to notice, collect and connect

Don’t try to be interesting. The secret is to do interesting. None of us were born interesting. It s something that needs practice; a set of habits not a personality type. Not something you are, something you do. Russel Davie will be back at OffGrid this year talking about the need to pay attention and notice more Collect the obvious (images, quotes, facts) and the less obvious (metaphors, patterns, vibes) Store and remember things, collide ideas together and multiply their value. Share ideas, tell better stories, be more persuasive. By turning the things you notice into a useful and productive marinade, everything will get that bit more interesting and you ll learn something about yourself and what makes you tick.

Russell Davies is a writer and communications strategist. He has worked at advertising agencies such as Wieden + Kennedy and R/GA and for organisations including Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Honda and LOCOG. His most well-known work is probably the strategy development that led to Honda’s ‘Power Of Dreams’ campaign.

He is a Contributing Editor for Wired (UK) and has written for publications as diverse as The Idler, The Observer and Google’s Think Quarterly. He was Director of Strategy at the Government Digital Service – working out how a Digital Government integrates its products, services and marketing and is now Digital Strategy Director for the Co-op.