Rosie Collington

2023 - The Big Con: How the Consulting Industry Weakens Us

The Big Con: How the Consulting Industry Weakens our Businesses, Infantilizes our Governments and Warps our Economies

There is an entrenched relationship between the consulting industry and the way business and government are managed today which must change. Rosie will talk through the confidence trick the consulting industry performs in contracts with hollowed-out and risk-averse governments and shareholder value-maximizing firms.

Political economist and writer, Rosie Collington will debunk the myth that consultancies always add value to the economy. With a wealth of original research she will argue for investment and collective intelligence within all organisations and communities, and for a new system in which public and private sectors work innovatively together for the common good. We must recalibrate the role of consultants and rebuild economies and governments that are fit for purpose and stop the weakening of our businesses, infantilising our government and warping our economy.