Petra Barran

2018 - Passion, Talent, Collectives and Chocolate

Petra was a street food trader between 2005-2011 via Jimmy, the choc-mobile. She drove all over Britain in her wagon, making friends with fellow traders as she went. Then, in a Damascene moment, realised that if everyone got organised they could make great things happen. First came eat.st (2010) the hobby/street food collective, then the creation of KERB (2012) the business.

Kerb work’s with small independent traders, creating a hotbed for creativity and innovation in food. KERB and those they work with have been pushing the boundaries of street food and shaping the industry since they started. They help small businesses thrive, support them through their growth and provide a springboard from which they can build permanent businesses. This is good for business, good for the customer and good for the local economy.

Petra will be talking about her journey from Jimmy the choc-mobile to the creation of Kerb. The importance of culture, collective, nurturing raw talent, shaking things up and of course food.