Maff Potts

2022 - Sometimes it's okay to be a little bit shit

Maff is a genuine change maker and a force of nature. Not someone that hangs around, he believes there are 2 things people need to survive, friendship and purpose, and is driven in his mission to empower people to help others to self organise. Maff will be talking about Camerados, his ever growing movement of people that sees communities set up Public Living rooms – places to go on a tough day or when you’re lonely to help others and get connection and purpose.

He has dedicated much of his life to creating culture change in homelessness nationally in variety of roles. He ran the Government’s programme to modernise homeless centres, writing the policy and committing £170m. He also worked front line and ran the largest homeless services in the country for The Salvation Army.

… and that’s not even the best bit, you can also book him to play jazz piano for your children’s wedding or bahmitzvah.