Gundeep Anand

2018 - How to crush dream crushers

Founder of the The Last Stand street football competition, Gundeep Anand, realised local communities and postcode gangs had more in common to bring them together than divide them. Through the power of football and music and a platform to come together, Gundeep realised social purpose and new perspectives soon replaced rivalries and disillusionment. Gundeep works as a photographer, film director, coach and mentor and will be talking about how we crush the dream crushers that try to stop us all.

Gundeep is a Director and photographer from West London, whose passion is community and socially led projects.  Having been involved in a variety of roles from Civil Engineering to sports coaching, Gundeep’s life was changed when his passion for promoting social change for good and filmmaking collided and he was able to make a film for Coca Cola’s StreetGames initiative, leading him on to establishing The Last Stand.