What people said about OffGrid Sessions 2022

We asked people who attended our last OffGrid to “Describe your experience while you were with us”. We had just under 100 people respond. Below is the their unedited feedback.

Turned me from a cynic to a fanatic in 48 awesome hours

A much needed shot in the arm to understand what we need to do in a wider context, but with our peers.

A brilliant opportunity to challenge the way you think

The perfect thought provoking experience in one of the most beautiful settings in the UK

I didn’t really know what to expect going in but it was so interesting and inspiring listening to such great speakers and the energy around the group of attendees was so good it was lovely to spend time with such a good group of people.


Helped me realise and understand on how I can improve in situations through every day life either personal or communal

I’ll never forget my first experience on Osea at OffGrid; a stunning environment for mental and physical nourishment. A definitive human experience, which every person on the planet should share. I’ll go next year and you must too.

It was such an amazing experience, the location, the people, the activities- one of the best work trips I have ever been on. Came away feeling really inspired and refreshed

Wonderful. I love it. It is really spectacular.

Refreshing, stimulating and reassuring. The speakers made me think hard about what’s happening in the world and the other attendees made me realise we’re all in this together. Connection is everything. A restorative and nourishing experience.


It was a welcome break from the norm of the media week. I really enjoyed that the sessions were not directly about the media landscape and rather centred around a wider topic. Each speaker delivered hugely engaging segment.

I wasn’t sure what to expect – it almost doesn’t make sense until you’re there experiencing OffGrid. I feel like there was such care about the speaker curation and I loved how there was no commercial ‘selling’ element to the talks. I feel like the talks will have a lasting impact on my ideas and even how I live my life. I wish all events could be put together with the love and care that OffGrid does.

A hugely inspirational experience.  One of those rare occasions where you can take a step back from the every day business madness.

It was a brilliant experience and loved every minute. I hope I get to go again.

Found the experience very surreal as didn’t know what to expect but the couple of days I spent at Off Grid went above & beyond expectations. The event is fantastically organised with some amazing speakers that kept the audience captivated throughout each speech.

A fantastic opportunity to hear from social and cultural commentators, and to meet with people from the industry and outside of it. Not to be missed.

Loved it, thank you for having me!

For me it is pretty perfect. From the second I walked onto that island this time, I felt myself decompressing. I don’t think I realised just how tightly wound I was and how much I needed those two days – not only for the speakers but also for the free time that you bake in to allow us time alone or with others to chill out. All of my group said that same – it really is an incredible retreat.

There’s no other media & marketing event quite like it – it’s become one of the highlights of the summer….we will be back!

I love escaping from zoom calls, learning something new, whilst being totally free and outdoors

The best event in the biz

A unique opportunity to down normal work tools and listen to speakers with different experiences and backgrounds around the complexities & challenges facing us.It’s my favourite conference that I attend. The curation isn’t just about media, and has speakers outside of the norms that you see across every other media conference. It was my second time at OffGrid, and both times I’ve gone away with something educational, something thinking about coaching/managing, and something feeling inspired to share or do. And it’s a sh*t tun of fun too.

A truly inspiring, thought provoking and unique 48hrs. I’m still absorbing the talks and telling everyone i meet about what an amazing experience it was.

It was like a more intimate, sociable and more luxurious Hay Festival. With wild swimming, amazing entertainment alongside really stimulating speakers it’s set to be a firm fixture in my summer diary moving forward.

I had no idea what to expect before I came, having never attended Off Grid before. It was described as being like ‘a spa for the mind’, and it really did not disappoint! I found it to be a truly stimulating, and life changing experience. I came away buzzing from all the great energy on the island, and cannot wait to come back again!

Great fun and an inspiring experience.

Absolutely brilliant

I really didn’t know what to expect with Off Grid, but it came to be one of the most interesting, thought-provoking sessions I’ve attended. Such a fab location to switch off from the day to day of media and connect with a bunch of lovely, like-minded people!

It was a wonderful surprise. I’ve been telling everyone about it. The location is perfect. Great to be transported from my normal environment into a place that, although quite close to home, felt a world away. I met some really interesting people and hope to keep in touch with one or two.

Offgrid is such a unique experience.

From the moment you drive onto the island, it’s an inspiring and reflective space.

Great location. Fantastic speakers. It’s also a lot of fun – meeting old friends and making new ones.

Loved the location, setup and diversity of the speakers

It was one of the most emotional, stimulating sessions I have ever attended. It was refreshing to step away from marketing jargon and buzzwords to get back to what it is really all about – humans. I have been completely energised and ready to start challenging perceptions like never before.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt feeling energised and optimistic. It was the perfect blend of learning and challenging and connecting. Getting to do (most of) it outside was so welcome after lots of time now spent at home/on the screen. THANK YOU!

Thought provoking, incredibly inspiring, uplifting, brilliant,

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but being able to get away from the mundane to a beautiful location such as Osea, meeting lots of great people and hearing from some really fascinating speakers on topics which fundamentally make you think about your own perceptions and ways of thinking. It was just really inspiring, and I think I left in a different mentality than when I arrived. Having a swim in the sea was also fabulous!

Completely energising. if you do one thing next year do this!

I’d heard great things so knew I was in for a treat – but it exceeded all my expectations and was a truly life affirming experience!

Really great to do something completely different, in real life, after such a long time

Something I will remember forever

I didn’t quite know what to expect, it’s easy to be cynical about industry events, but it was genuinely inspiring to sit and hear such a brilliant array of speakers. the atmosphere was relaxed, lots of people I kew and also lots I didn’t which was a great mix.

Honestly, quite spiritual. In listening to everyone’s talks of their resilience, sources of inspiration, purpose etc., I learned more about myself and my place in the world.  When do we ever find time to do that?  It was also such a friendly, welcoming event which isn’t always the case when you have a load of people from the same industry in the same place.

Mentally nourishing – enlightening talks and conversations which spill into the evening socials.  Top tunes this year too (especially for the BBQ ;-)).

My time at OffGrid Sessions was unforgettable!  Some truly inspiring speakers, set amongst the beautiful backdrop of Osea Island.  Coupled with some gold standard organisation, I would 100% recommend to anyone who works in the business of people.

It was an amazing experience that I’d 100% recommend

OffGrid 2022 was fantastic – I have only heard amazing things about the event and getting to experience it for the first time, I must say that it exceeded my expectations! It was well organised, with every little detail thought about. The organisers and every staff member were fantastic and incredibly helpful. They made the experience extra special!

The 48 hours you curated for us at Offgrid were spectacular. Its taken me a little time to process which topics this broad we should always reflect on but the time on Osea Island prompted me to question myself, my perspectives and my vision of the future. In truth I’m not sure I’ve ever willingly gone as deep into my mind as I did over the last few days.

Everyone I hosted from our organisation and our partners commented how important the time had been for them and we all felt fortunate to be with you!

So all I can say from the guys is a huge thankyou. Raising the collective consciousness of a bunch of media industry veterans is no small task.

Unlike any other event I’ve been to – I left feeling exhausted (in a good way) from all the ideas that seemed to naturally flow from the talks and conversations I had with new people. I’ll be back!

Despite the fact I may or may not have lost a number plate somewhere on the Causeway, I had the most enriching time. Not only did I spend two days surrounded by some of the most beautiful English scenery, but it was spent engaging with some of the brightest minds in Britain. I left feeling able to discuss, critique, adapt, challenge, learn – all because of the brilliantly smart, engaging and diverse conversations I had. I’ve already told half of the UK independent publishing about it…and the only reason I haven’t told the other half is because I want to be able to go next year. 10/10 will swap a sacred family pasta sauce recipe to go again.


Superb – great people, great location, great speakers, great vibe.

Brilliant as always. I felt energised and although some of the sessions were a tough listen felt like I could takeaway some important learnings both professionally and personally

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days spent at OffGrid Sessions. The location, speakers, accommodation, food, entertainment, attention to detail, were all excellent. It felt a real privilege to be there.

Brilliantly different and thought provoking. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to reset and refresh their problem solving capabilities. Wild swim a personal highlight, so deffo bring your trunks.

This is the best event I have been too!

An inspiring two days filled with great people, fantastic speakers and in the most magical setting.

I found OffGrid to be an inspiring and memorable experience. From covering hard-hitting topics like climate change, religion and the future of work, all the way through to a ukulele orchestra, I was gripped by every speaker/act and I was even in tears a few times! Not to mention that Osea Island is a beautiful location, and allows you to genuinely feel ‘off grid’.

I loved it and would love to come back. I learnt a lot, spend valuable time with my colleagues and made some great connections.

Truly refreshing

Surprising, amazing, inspirational, refreshing

Offgrid really takes you away from your day-to-day/bubble to give you a totally different perspective on what is happening in the world and what we can do for the better.

It’s without a doubt the best event I’ve been to with work, but more broadly one of my favourite experiences of the last few years full stop.

This year was a really personal experience for me. I arrived with a lot of work burdens and in a somewhat introspective mood. I left buoyed up by inspiring talks, good company, and great vibes.

Wonderful. It’s like a less pretentious Cannes, with a wider definition for creativity. The more diverse it becomes the better! Also, as an aside, Jeremy and the team were the most incredible, responsive and helpful hosts. Thanks a million.

Loved it!

Honestly, having been in media for 20 year, this is one of the best things I have ever done. I will most certainly be coming back next year and recommending accordingly.

Fantastic – the speakers were extremely well curated and by the end of the 2 days, it was really great to connect the dots between all the different speakers. I left feeling so refreshed and energised – whilst our world may seem bleak at the moment, I felt energised and excited about how I and my company could do more to make the world better. Loved it – can’t wait to come back!

It really felt like you were Off Grid (I see what you did there). Very rarely do you get the time or opportunity to listen, think and enjoy yourself with some great people and enjoy nature.

One of the best events that I’ve ever attended. I took something from each session, both personal and professional and loved the whole experience. Thank you.

I didn’t know how hungry I was for new ideas until I got to OffGrid. I left feeling so much gratitude.

I found it enlightening – the talks were great – the event was truly fab!

So grateful for the opportunity to attend OffGrid Sessions. Taking place in the most beautiful setting, with the loveliest bunch of people, it’s a chance to step outside your bubble and be immersed in so many different stories, perspectives and opinions. Two days of intent listening, the experience made me think, laugh and cry! And overall, made me want to be a better human! I highly recommend it!

Loved it. Great opportunity to spend time with colleagues, and combine swimming, BBQs, camping and thought-provoking talks. Blew my expectations out of the window.

A great couple of days away from the real world to be inspired, to relax and have fun. The speakers were thought provoking

I absolutely loved it. There is something really unique and special about the whole event, from the beautiful setting disconnected from day- to- day life through to the range of inspiring speakers that all carry important/ impactful messages. I met some really interesting people and had conversations I wouldn’t normally have in a work setting, forging much more meaningful connections. Off grid truly does what it says on the tin- takes you away from the pressures of normal working life and helps clear your head and get you think in a different way. I would 100% recommend it!

Really insightful conversations, in a beautiful locations

Loved it – was probably my favourite year so far, starting to feel like a wonderful family

Luxuriously indulgent nourishment for the mind, body and soul!  An amazing couple of days – a total digital detox with reflective time to deeply deliberate.

It felt like winning a VIP ticket to visit Miss Marple’s sunny holiday village, thoughtfully relocated offshore when there hadn’t been a murder. For transport; grab a bike or a golf buggy.  For speakers; the inspiring and human. For living; luxury, stylish accommodation and fantastic food and drink.  It felt exclusive and special; great people, good sea swims and yoga, everyone friendly and open.  It felt like a small and exclusive gathering and a reward for something fantastic – done and forgotten in a previous life. Opening and renewing hearts and minds.

It was brilliant. The location is idyllic and the concept of arriving and departing when the tide allows it, really adds to that sense of being taken away from the day to day… allowing for room to think and really connect with the experience.

Positively refreshing

As somebody who loves an itinerary, has to be in control, sets my expectations too high on myself – two days at OffGrid and I was a different person – I could go with the flow, I listened, I mean “really” listened, and didn’t have the urge to try and fix everything, or usher everyone along like some busy-body.
Best lesson I learnt was “It’s ok to be a bit shit sometimes”.
I am really grateful for my experience and would love to come back again. I wish everybody had the opportunity to go to OffGrid – to learn, find serenity, and understanding in this manic world.

A moment to pause, think and regain and renew perspectives

It was such a refreshing treat to take time to pause and take inspiration from so many interesting people in such a beautiful, unique setting. Just what I needed, thank you!

Driving across the causeway to the island was a lovely reminder of cutting myself from the day to day. Offgrid’s stripped back aesthetic gives off serious no-phone-or-laptop vibes, provide a wonderful backdrop for the engaging talks and the chance to challenge your preconceptions!

not what i was expecting in the best possible way – thought-provoking, inspiring and i felt like i was using a part of my brain that hadnt been stimulated in a while

I loved every minute. It was two days of removal from day to day life that allowed me to free up my mind and create mental space for curiosity and learning. Bravo!

OffGrid never fails to stretch my thinking, change my mind, inspire me with new actionable ideas whilst hanging out with bunch of fabulous people

A good use of a great island. Logistically and operationally very impressive! Lovely organisers and staff. Thank you for the blood, sweat & tears that would have gone into it and absolutely kudos for sticking through it during the pandemic – many would’ve walked away.

I hope to visit again. I speak favourably of the event to others.

First time, I thought it was excellent, unlike anything I’ve been to previously and great food for the mind, body and soul.