OffGrid Feedback 2023

I can’t recommend it highly enough. Incredible speakers, that are informative, inspiring and entertaining. A rare combination. All done in the most magical setting.

Utterly brilliant. The best couple of days i’ve spent at an event. It has pushed me to think, and now read, about stuff that simply, and very wrongly, wasn’t really on my radar.

Absolutely incredible. Everyone was polite and interested in what others had to say, everyone was respectful. The setting was simply magical.

Inspiring, transformative and very smoothly-run (which is incredibly impressive given the scale).

Freeing and inspiring, great food and company.

A lovely time and break. Really enjoyed the welcoming and conversational atmosphere, and having such mindful and thought-provoking conversations with friendly people.

Not knowing fully what to expect i found the whole experience nailed on to absolute perfection. it almost feels like a best kept secret, the attendee size was perfect and the speakers excellent!!

Very enjoyable, intense at times, the right balance of mind work and play.

Unexpected, stimulating, lateral, privileged.

Super interesting discussions and lovely vibe!

It was truly thought-provoking and inspiring both on a personal and professional level, going much deeper than any typical “work” event. Absolutely loved the experience and feeling of escape – enhanced by being on an island and physically being cut off together – I felt this helped everyone properly relax into the event and fully embrace it rather than being distracted.

It’s a refreshing break, where kind and interesting people come together to share ideas and have a laugh, (as wanky as that sounds).

A highlight of my year so far – it was wonderful to listen to inspiring talks, to meet like-minded and interesting people and to have time to pause in such a beautiful location.

A bizarre, beautiful, weird, inspiring, chatty, thought-provoking, well-catered, incredible time with lovely people.

That moment in the year when I truly take the time out to listen and learn, reset and refresh. Ive been saying this for 6 years now and I mean it more every year.
Interesting and unique

A really enriching experience in a beautiful part of the country that I had no idea existed. I didn’t really know what it was I was signing up for when I was offered the ticket, but I’m so glad I said yes.

I felt very privileged to be at Off Grid.

Really great – first experience and intend to come back, every year. I did debate the above for a minute .. ‘would i recommend ..’ only because, well – i sort of think its a best kept secret, and works so well because of its intimacy. Now i’m in on it .. i might be selective with who I’d share on with 😀 

I’ve come back inspired and with some really fresh and empowering thoughts and provocations to take forward – which makes it feel like 2 days unbelievably well spent.

Offgrid was immersive and escapist. Across the two days, connecting with people from different walks of life and being inspired by some incredible talks led to a fulfilling experience.

It’s one of my favourite things to attend.

Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish – a brilliant mind-refresher

An absolutely amazing way to spend 2 days. Food for both the brain and the soul.The sessions are all so unique that they keep you interested throughout both days. I felt like I had to be at every single one to not miss out on any of the knowledge from the varied speakers.

Really special! So nice to mix with and meet new people and in such a positive environment. Jeremy did a great job at spreading a positive energy and encouraging the right response from everyone. Chatting with people was made easier by the warmness Jeremy gave out with each parish notes and introduction of speakers.

Completely different to any conference I have ever been to. It provided the opportunity to switch off from day-to-day stresses and give room to think about how we can all think and approach things differently. It wasn’t just the actual talks but the opportunity to speak to other attendants and discuss how we all took something different away from each.

Time to actually think and absorb some new ideas

A retreat from the hustle of the everyday!

It’s the highlight of my year – the chance to go somewhere as beautiful and relaxing as Osea, to hear from such a variety of fascinating people in an unusually intimate environment, and to get to spend time with colleagues and industry peers, is unique. I came away refreshed, relaxed, inspired.

Unique and utterly brilliant. I left on a high that I’m trying to keep now I’m back to the daily grind. The books really help with that. Off Grid is the perfect name – I think it was the least amount of screen time I’ve had in years which made it special.

I loved it. Surprising! In all honesty I was dubious about it as I didn’t know what to expect. My expectations were exceeded, and I enjoyed every second of it (aside from the potholes on the causeway driving home while hungover). The speakers were inspirational, varied, and real experts in their fields. It was great to see such diversity in both the topics and people speaking across the 2 days. Alistair Campbell on the bagpipes was wild, but entertaining.

I left feeling inspired by all of the wonderful speakers to get more involved with the issues facing society. I hadn’t expected to feel so challenged and moved by so many of the talks, which was truly invigorating. The setting was a wonderful place to both bond with familiar faces and to meet plenty of new ones.

Really fun, great to meet other people from the industry, gorgeous island. Just wished it was longer than 2 days and we had more time to enjoy the island!

Wonderful and enlightening. Definitely finding ways to apply some that thinking in my day to day work or unwork related.

Mostly as expected. It was nice!

I genuinely loved it: it was useful to disconnect and reflect, the speakers gave me a lot of food for thought and it felt genuinely valuable

THANK YOU. It was honestly incredible. Yes, the speakers and the island and the company was perfection, but I honestly think the thing that gives it the extra edge is the crew. The culture of the event is so special – made even better by the poor signal on Osea so please never fix that, it allowed everyone to be so very present.

It’s always such a brilliant event to be challenged across the latest thinking in economics, politics and philosophy, while in the process meeting great people who aren’t on a mission to sell anything, but are there to discover and learn. It’s cathartic and regenerating.

Rarely have I attended an event/experience that’s made me genuinely come away with a different way of thinking, new ideas and things I want to action in my life. Both professional and personal. Couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone in a creative/media/marketing or really, any industry!

It is an outstanding venue and we were blessed with wonderful weather. The majority of the speakers were great and the feeling at the end of the two days was that you had benefited from learning from some very inspiring individuals. It was great to spend time with colleagues and others from across the industry too. Would thoroughly recommend.