OffGrid Sessions 2019 Feedback

We asked people who attended OffGrid in 2019 to “Describe your experience while you were with us”. We had just under 100 people respond. Below is the their unedited feedback.

I loved it. Inspiring and fascinating brain food that has sent me back to London feeling

As usual, this is the best and only event of its kind in a crowded calendar. It is food
for the brain, a cross between a TED talk, a School trip and AdWeek, surrounded by
brilliant people, incredible speakers and a positive spirit.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. It hit a sweet
spot between inspiration and indulgence that I didn’t know existed, but definitely
want more of. Thanks so much; can’t wait to return

A brilliant environment and schedule to encourage you to think differently about the
challenges that come up day to day, and to focus on the topics you probably don’t
think about enough.

A few days out of the norm surrounded by amazing people

Such an inspirational experience in a magical setting. Came away looking forward to
next year!

Inspiring – a few of the talks really stayed with me for days afterwards. Paul Conroy and Alex De Pledge in particular. Watched ‘Under the Wire’ this weekend which oddly wasn’t on my radar before so I feel honoured to have been invited into these different worlds and have such amazing people share their honest stories. Made me question everything I thought I knew. Thank you for such an incredible experience.

Really creative and inspiring.

Refreshingly creative and inspirational. Incredibly well organised in a fantastic
location with great people. Would come again!

Really positive, social and thought provoking with a bunch of really good people

A wonderful brain workout

Truly awesome! It really challenges my thinking and gets me on a new page. Kind of
feels like my mid year reset!

I have never done anything like this before and thought it was absolutely brilliant. I
can’t wait to come back next year.I loved the theme and the speakers this year. It was provocative and it made me think a lot. Alex DePledge, Caroline Criado-Perez and Jaideep Prabhu were my favourites. It’s great to get out of the office and listen to inspiring speakers for a couple of days. I love the format of the sessions and the island! What a great idea. Keep up the good work! 🙂

It was the most refreshing ‘worky’ event I’ve ever attended.

It was incredible from start to finish. I not only came away inspired, but I genuinely
intend to act upon and make changes to the way I think and approach things.

Excellent. I was really looking forward to it and it didn’t disappoint at all. Would love
to come back

Total amazing to escape the world for 2 whole days but still do something engaging
and fun

I found it a breath of fresh air, so different to anything in the industry at the minute.
I personally got a huge amount from it.

As usual I was surprised by how much I enjoyed things out of my usual remit, and
met some amazing people I plan to keep in touch with

Fantastic. My second year and I hope to make it a third in 2020. The environment, the people and the set up makes this a unique experience where you can open yourself up to a broad range of inspirational talks.

Excellent. I was really looking forward to it and it didn’t disappoint at all. Would love to come back

Love it , inspiring , humble , selling my house , paying my mortgage , going to do
something useful

Loved it, as ever. Thank you.

I left knowing a lot more than when i came and met some great people along the
way. Roll on next year at OffGrid.

This was my first OffGrid and i didn’t really know what to expect. The 2 says on Osea
Island were one of the most insightful 2 days! The format of the event meant there were lots of breaks so you were ready to listen and engage with each and every one of the fascinating speakers. The weather massively helped too 🙂

Loved it, would recommend! Found the whole experience to be a great chance to reset and challenge thinking.

Weather was beautiful and the place magnificent. Speakers were inspirational.

Energising, entertaining and bloody good fun

I really really enjoyed OffGrid. I met a lot of new people and I learnt loads about a
topics I wouldn’t have necessarily thought about.

OffGrid was quite unlike any other conference I’ve attended, bringing together a
great group of like-minded people to learn from interesting speakers in an amazing setting. A conference dressed up as a festival – speakers, swimming, sunshine, drinks and donkeys!

An excellent opportunity to have space to be inspired

Brilliant, as always.

It was one of the best couple of days I have had in a long time.

I was a bit unsure at the start but by the end i was totally in love with the whole vibe
of the place. It’s still hard to describe to people who weren’t there but ‘Ted Talks
meets Dawsons Creek’ is the closest i have got.

Definitely made me challenge the way I think and what I read and not to solely rely
on data (due to many factors) and sometimes the best thing is just to give something
a go.

Mind bending, relaxing and fantastic for getting some much needed head space.
Great for meeting people as well

I found it enlightening, inspiring and seamlessly coordinated

The whole OffGird experience was thoroughly enjoyable. The event was extremely
well organized. There was the right balance of sessions and down-time. It was one of
the most thought provoking conferences that I have attended to date.

Brilliant. A few days to genuinely switch off and time to think about how to be better
at the day job, as well as meeting lots of great likeminded people.

Exceptional. Genuinely something I would recommend to anyone. The remoteness
and the integration of everyone there was a really nice way to get out of the work mindset but come back with new ideas and methods of bringing passion and creativity to your work.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Fantastically interesting and like minded people. In a breathtakingly beautiful location.

I feel fortunate to have experienced such inspiring sessions.

Amazing, unique, wonderful as ever.

Just a couple of days away from the office that challenges you to think and behave in
a way that you might not normally. it definitely inspired me to challenge the status
quo. Absolutely loved it and should really happen more often

I came back slightly more physically exhausted (heavy drinking on the final night) but
very mentally healthy from all the great speakers and team bonding.

OffGrid Sessions was incredible – this was a highlight of my year so far, and I’ve
talked about it to anyone that would listen in the days since. Thank you both for
doing such a good job bringing it all together.

It’s the best two days I’ve had this year – the chance to spend that time in such a
beautiful spot, surrounded by such lovely people, and hear properly mind-expanding
talks was a delight and a privilege.

As it was my first year attending, I wasn’t really sure what it would be like except to
hear from really interesting speakers, and it was all great.

A must see annual event – something I don’t want to miss.

I was completely blown away. It was an incredible way to broaden your mind.

Completely different to anything i have been before, i thoroughly enjoyed it. As
someone junior everyone was very willing to talk to me (including speakers) which
was very nice. A great couple of days i hope to go back.

I loved every money of off grid this year the excitement of a road trip to what sounds
to all my friend like an exotic location of Osea Island, then bumbling across the causeway to the wild island which is Osea! I love itâ€TMs rawness, the warm and friendly vibe on camp and the most different and amazing speaker line up over the two days. We laughed, we cried and brought home new thoughts and memories to share. Great work to the Off Grid team keeps getting better each year thank you for putting on such a thoughtful event!

I really enjoyed it, its a unique event, i hope to be back for my 3rd time next year. I love the venue & concept, i am a big fan 🙂

Undeniably energising, importantly provocative. Like nothing else out there.

Definitely coming next year!

Very well organised, stress free and inspirational

Liberating and genuinely life changing. I can’t tell you how good it was to have the
time, setting and knowledge to expand the brain. The funny thing is that it’s not even just my work that this has helped since but also other aspects of my life, too. People said I looked better when I got home which was nice. I love how giving people are of their time and energy at Off Grid, how welcome everyone makes you and how lovely it is that the speakers hang around so you get the opportunity to chat afterwards. I also think the setting is really important. I don’t think I’ve been on a bike or done a wheelie since about 1985 so that felt great.

Honestly can’t speak highly enough of my two days on Osea, quite possibly the best work event I’ve attended, and that includes Wimbledon, Chefs tables and a World Cup – huge congratulations for a totally brilliant event.

OffGrid offers a real alternative in the crowded market of ‘industry conferences’. Not only does it break the mould, but it truly sets the standard in terms of thought- provoking content that looks to challenge, inspire & educate.

The whole event was so well organised it seemed unrushed and relaxed. The speakers and the attendees injected real energy in to the way you could approach problems at work (and in real life!). A truly innovative event but such fun it’s hard to explain to outsiders it is work!

It was not your usual marketing festival, with the usual speakers. Interesting and though-provoking, and certain themes kept cropping up. The island is beautiful and the perfect setting to properly digest everything. Very different type of inspirational conference!

Life changing both personally and professionally. I felt like I had been re-charged and re-started (which I’m guessing was very much the point)

Great, even better than last year, I learnt a lot, swam in the sea, and had thinking time. It’s not often you take such inspirational thinking (to both work and life) from Essex!

Immersive, amazing, brilliant. I’ve never been to a “conference” that was so relaxing and engaging. It was like taking the best key note speakers from all walks of life and putting them into one place for us to exclusively enjoy. Thanks for such an amazing time.

Since returning from OffGrid I have been described as ‘woke’. That sums it up, it has changed my outlook on the world around me.

Really enjoyed it, thanks so much for organising. Would love to do it again next year.

Totally inspiring, the talks got me thinking about things in a different way and gave
me lots to focus on moving forward.

It was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed the sessions, speakers and the vibe.
Loved the diversity of topics and speakers bringing new perspective; reflection that lasts afterwards. Great engaged audience also helped to created a good vibe for the sessions.

I felt genuinely humbled by the speakers and the amazing work they are doing from making the world a better place through to simplifying business to create better companies to service customers. Such an inspiring bunch with perspectives that they should continue to share.

Offgrid has the unique ability to stimulate the imagination by marrying together a sense of nostalgia, community and thought provoking content.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all expectations were exceeded.

I found the entire experience an absolute pleasure and a refreshing way to develop
both the team and myself, personally and professionally.

It was my second year, and it is still the best conference in the calendar year.

An incredible experience. I loved the relaxed, informal feel to Off Grid. It was great
to step away from our day-to-day jobs, and from the hustle and bustle of the city; taking the time to focus on personal development and listening to others’ success stories. Would definitely recommend to all, whether in media or not!

The thing I love the most is that the speakers are diverse, deep, not ‘professional speakers’ and seldom come from marketing/ advertising. The real deal.
And, they all pass the Jeremy Hill test – they all seem to be good people with an optimistic bent. People who’d be interesting to talk to at a dinner party too.

If I had to choose one media event to go to each year, it would be Off Grid

Loved it. Being away from the city and outside of our normal marketing world meant that it was so much easier to focus on the presentations. Marketing conferences are often boring and salesy but OffGrid was not like that at all – all of the speakers provided amazing perspective and insight and I can’t wait to tell my colleagues about it

Didn’t know what to expect but above all expectation. It felt like an educational and very laid-back holiday

A brilliant antidote to the crazy pace of work and some real brain and soul food. Having swimming, yoga and running as part of it makes it feel a brilliant break away from everything. And help you focus when you are listening to a speaker. Love the fact it feels so creative.


I didn’t know what to expect, but I was blown away by it all. Loved the Osea Island
setting, loved the relatively small and intimate size of the gathering and that it was so sociable. The speakers without exception were fantastic – so thought provoking. I very much look forward to next year.

I don’t usually like these industry things but I came away exciting, curious and eager to share with the wider team. Great organisation, great experience, great take-outs.

An incredible learning experience that challenges your thinking and reinvigorates your enthusiasm to do things differently

I thought that the whole experience was motivating, thought provoking & I think it really injected a renewed energy into myself that came at a very good time from a personal & professional point of view.

Well, I’m coming back next year! I came open minded and it didn’t disappoint.

Thought provoking. Incredible experience and organised brilliantly

Inspiring and totally unexpected fun. Great format. House was incredible! The after
dinner speakers…. Great way to bring everyone back together. Don’t ever move it
from the island!

Very impressive set up and an atmosphere of openness meant for a very pleasant
stay with time to be inspired and meet nice people.

My second year and better than the first!

My favourite sessions were Alex DePledge, Caroline Cried-Perez, June Sarpong and
Nick O’shea – these were really inspiring sessions which I’ve taken a lot from.

It was an incredible 2 days – thank you for such an inspiring and unique experience, it
has left me with lots to think about (and read!!)

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to attend next year