Quotes from previous speakers

“OffGrid is such a special festival. The setting is idyllic, the audiences uncommonly engaged & the speakers varied and compelling. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last longer.”
James O’Brien – Presenter & author

“I think OffGrid is a must-attend for anyone who wants to create a lasting impact with those around them and be inspired by ideas that are outside the box.”
June Sarpong – TV presenter & author 

“If I had to contrive a way to expose myself to as much mental stimulation as possible in 48 hours, then OffGrid would be it.”
Michael Blastland – Economist & journalist

“Gorgeous, relaxed setting; amazing food; engaged, intelligent audience”
Caroline Criado Perez, Author & activist / campaigner

“OffGrid Sessions is a one-of-a-kind ideas festival that combines a spectacular location with brilliant, thought-provoking speakers and a lively, engaged audience. All in all: it makes for an unforgettable and unique experience.”
Prof Jaideep Prabhu – Academic & author

“I’ve been to a lot of book and idea festivals, and can safely say that, from all of them, I was most sad to have to leave OffGrid early!  The atmosphere, idyllic setting, care for guests and quality of questions and discussion were all outstanding.”
Prof Bobby Duffy – Scientist

“OffGrid is a remarkable experience. A collection of thoughtful and influential participants, a stunning location and all planned to give everyone present the opportunity to think, debate, discuss and learn. I came away buzzing”
Jamie Bartlett – Journalist & Documentary Maker

“Thank you so much for looking after Leo and me so well on Osea Island. We had a really wonderful time, met some great people and felt ridiculously relaxed after such an intense 24 hours.”
Margaret Heffernan – Entrepreneur & author

“The event was really interesting – a completely unique venue, a fun vibe and some great speakers. Thank you”
Tim Harford Economist – Economist & journalist

“The best Q & A I’ve ever done in my life and the most attentive audience I’ve ever had.”
Paul Conroy – War journalist

“OffGrid is an inspiring, beautiful, fun, well-organised, friendly, relaxing, useful, thought-provoking festival. I enjoyed it very much indeed”
Alastair Humphrey’s – Adventurer

“Fascinating event in a spectacular location. As a speaker it was a lot fun, with plenty of time for informal follow-on discussions with the attendees and other speakers. Highly recommended.”
Adam Kucharski – Mathematician, Epidemiologist & author

“Just wanted to send a quick message to thank you and Jeremy hugely for the most incredible experience! I am not sure I will ever be able to top that Monday night experience.  You and the team worked tirelessly, and nothing was too much trouble. Please thank them all for me”
Lucy Easthope – Disaster planner

“Thanks for having me as a guest/speaker this year. It made for a welcome break from what’s been a pretty tough year work wise”
Giles Duley – Photographer

“We were really struck by the openness and friendliness of everyone we met last week.
At lunch and dinner we had lovely conversations with people. I am often moaning to Sindy that the art of conversation is dying and that we have stopped asking questions. So last week was a total tonic to be in the company of smashing human beings.  Thanks so much!”
Zoe Lyons, Comic 

“I think this is the best gig I have ever had. Amazing people – not one single knob to be found. Best kept secret in events. I mean it’s on a bloody island”
Alex DePledge – Entrepreneur

“OffGrid Sessions completely changed the way I thought about the future. But it wasn’t just the excellent program – it was the entire chemistry of the place. I have never been hit by so many interesting ideas is so short a time- ever!”
Robert Twigger – Adventurer / Author

“OffGrid was an incredible escape from the demands of hectic digital life. I loved the intellectual rigour, curiosity and playfulness of my time there. Better than any conference – its a deep and intimate experience.”
Alexa Clay – Anthropologist

“I had an amazing time; OffGrid Sessions is an absolute dream for anyone who is gently adventurous or passionately curious”
Rachel Parris – Comedian

“It’s a different planet for me. I meet people I’d never normally meet, and that’s a complete change from my civilian life in Lewisham.”
Nick O’Shea – Brewer