What is OffGrid Sessions?

“Offgrid is the archetype of a good festival. The speakers are carefully selected to be current, relevant and fascinating and the talks are meticulously structured to flow seamlessly together. I’m always blind-sided by how much I learn from talks totally outside of my comfort zone.

Last year I got just as much out of a talk about the government “nudge unit” as I did from a talk from the ever-engaging artist, Mr. Bingo. The broad selection of people attending, along with the carefully selected experts of their field AND the amazing setting  means OffGrid is a mecca for the creative mind …plus there is swimming in the sea”

Nick Dwyer Creative Director – Beavertown Brewery

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OffGrid Sessions is an independent ideas festival that emerged from the UK media, tech and design community. It was founded by Jeremy and Aimi Hill who have a background in media, technology, science and teaching,

OffGrid looks to bring together a collection of the interesting & interested to discuss ideas, explore different approaches and look at issues through the eyes of others.

At the heart of OffGrid Sessions are our speakers. We spend 12 months not only looking for people who are interesting, different, challenging and informed, but also ensuring they work together to create one entity. Think of it as creating a great album vs a quick playlist.

We’ve had economists, scientists, artists, designers, inventors, cider makers, adventurers, entrepreneurs, activists, ethnographers, journalists and philosophers. We always ensure our speaker line-up is diverse in it’s make up and outlook.

We don’t record or video our talks, and each sessions involves a rage of questions and discussions. It’s about being there, getting involved and sharing with others.

For our 2019 OffGrid Sessions we asked our attendees “How would you describe your experience at OffGrid?”. Here is what people said – unedited

OffGrid Sessions is held for 48 hours on Osea Island from July 8th-10th July 2020


“If I had to contrive a way to expose myself to as much mental stimulation as possible in 48 hours, then OffGrid would be it.” Michael Blastland – Author & Journalist