What is OffGrid?

“It’s about time for something different and OffGrid is it. Cleverly curated, thoughtfully organised, pleasantly distant, it’s a welcome chance to think and learn.” – Russell Davies

OffGrid runs for 2 days and 2 nights. For 2018 we will kick off on the morning of Monday 16th July and finish on the morning of Wednesday 18th July at 8am.

OffGrid gathers together a collection of interesting & interested people to discuss ideas, explore different approaches and look at issues through the eyes of others.

Our aim is to create an inspiring, informal, adventurous and reflective environment in a beautiful, natural and unexpected setting.

Whether it is big thinking from philosophers, academics or entrepreneurs, taking part in discussion groups, walking tours, making bread or a morning swim, OffGrid seeks to create a space to absorb, reflect on new ideas and connect with others.

OffGrid emerged from the creative, tech, design and media community.  In 2016 our theme was Creativity vs. Innovation: Have ideas become cheap?

For 2017 we discussed skillset vs mindset – What do we need going forwards. Read our 2017 agenda from this year.

Who attends?

“Off Grid was an incredible escape from the demands of hectic digital life. I loved the intellectual rigour, curiosity and playfulness of my time there. Better than any conference – it’s a deep and intimate experience.” – Alexa Clay – Speaker

“The best conference I have ever been to, like a famous five adventure with inspirational speakers and great guests” – Time Inc.

“I think it was phenomenal. Been thinking about it most days since I got back” – Facebook

“The whole experience truly was amazing and thought provoking” – MEC

“The quality and diversity of the speakers was stunning. It was fantastic not to be presented to by media/ creativity/ digital experts. They were intelligent, opinionated, articulate and passionate. I also fell in love with the venue. I felt like an 8 year old again on the best summer holiday I’d ever had.” – Time Inc

“The environment was fantastic it made it easier to continue the conversation after each talk and got us out of the business as usual mindset. Also the speakers were much more diverse and therefore more interesting than anywhere I’ve been to before” – PHD

Tickets for OffGrid start from £1,150 + VAT and include:

2 days of lectures & workshops

2 nights accommodation

All food and drink

Exclusive use of the island

Transfers to/from Witham train station/Osea island

Yoga, swimming & all activities

A bundle of brilliant books