What is OffGrid?

“It’s about time for something different and OffGrid is it. Cleverly curated, thoughtfully organised, pleasantly distant, it’s a welcome chance to think and learn.” – Russell Davies

OffGrid Sessions is an independent ideas festival that emerged from the UK media, tech and design community. It was founded by Jeremy and Aimi Hill who have a background in media, technology and teaching,

OffGrid looks to bring together a collection of the interesting & interested to discuss ideas, explore different approaches and look at issues through the eyes of others.

Our aim is to create an inspiring, informal, adventurous and reflective environment in a beautiful, natural and unexpected setting.

Whether it is big thinking from philosophers, academics or entrepreneurs, taking part in discussion groups, walking tours, making bread or a morning swim, OffGrid seeks to create a space to discover, absorb and reflect on new ideas and connect with others.

Previous themes for our event have been ‘Creativity vs. Innovation: Have ideas become cheap?’, ‘Skillset vs Mindset – What do we need going forwards?’ and for 2018 ‘Is there a better way? New ways to approach old problems’ have a look at the 2018 agenda

“Off Grid was an incredible escape from the demands of hectic digital life. I loved the intellectual rigour, curiosity and playfulness of my time there. Better than any conference – it’s a deep and intimate experience.” – Alexa Clay – Author

“The best conference I have ever been to, like a famous five adventure with inspirational speakers and great guests”. Sam Finlay – TIme Inc

“I think it was phenomenal. Been thinking about it most days since I got back”.  Phil Clayton – Facebook

“The talks were of a really high standard – you just don’t get that calibre of speaker at your average event. Then you throw in the location, the relaxed pacing of it, the people you meet and the general vibe. Truly excellent. Thank you OffGrid team I had a ball!”.  David Wilding – Twitter

“Best Monday Ever!”. Hans Helbig – Reckit Benckiser

“OffGrid provides a unique learning and development experience for thinkers in our industry. Where else could you be engaging with world famous authors, technologists and artists on a private island? OffGrid is a fast becoming the new gold standard for conferences and events – constantly boundary pushing, constantly inspiring and constantly fun. I would recommend it without reservation.”. Amelia Torode – Fawnbrake Collective

Tickets for OffGrid 2019 are now on sale