Robert Twigger – Micromastery

We read that we must be passionate about only one thing, that 10,000 hours of hard practice is needed to achieve mastery. But in fact most successful people, including Nobel prize winners, nurture multiple areas of knowledge and activity that feed their central subject.

Whether it’s making a perfect soufflé, dancing a tango or lighting a fire, when we take the time to cultivate small and quantifiable areas of expertise, we change everything. We become faster and more fearless learners, spot more creative opportunities, improve our brain health and boost our happiness. We see knowledge itself completely differently. The skills acquired in painting a door flawlessly or growing delicious chillies will unexpectedly transform your life.

So start small. Start specific. But start – and you’ll be on the path to mastery.

Robert Twigger is an award winning and acclaimed author, the underlying theme of all his work is adventure, but in broader terms than merely thrill seeking. He sees adventure in stretching himself and learning more, or studying others who have pushed themselves to become bigger and more accomplished people.

He believes in polymathy being the only knowledge approach possible for an adventurer- because the wider one’s knowledge base the better prepared you be to invent solutions.