Tim Harford Speaking at OffGrid 2017

Tim Harford

Very excited to announce we have Tim Harford speaking at this year’s OffGrid Sessions. Many may know Tim from his bestselling book – The Undercover Economist. We tried to get Tim to come to OffGrid in 2016, but couldn’t seem to crack his schedule, so is real coup we have him this year.

Tim will be talking about his new book Messy “The power of disorder to transform our lives”. Seeing him talk earlier in the year at the RSA, one example that really resonated was the ability for groups to solve problems when a stranger was introduced into their midst (vs working with friends). What was fascinating was not the increase in productivity of the group, but that it was matched with a decrease in belief that they had solved the problem. Thus it raises the question of how does one reconcile when people are at their most creative, they may not believe it or more importantly like how it feels. How does this fit into our idea of what it means to be creative and our ability to consciously enter that space.

There are bagfuls of examples, from how a barely playable piano created one of jazz legend’s, Keith Jarrett, best every performances, having to adjusted his playing style to get the best out of instrument, to why a considerable number of commuters never return to their original route post a tube strike, when they have been forced, begrudgingly, to use a new route.

Tim’s book not only covers the value of disorder and distraction and our relationship with them, but also a series of related insights on how group mentality and the role diversity has in driving creativity.