Empathy Museum comes to OffGrid 2017

19 January 2017 - A Mile in my Shoes

We’re very excited to have Artist, Clare Patey joining us for OffGrid 2017 and have her first exhibit of the shoe box brought to the island.

What is it like to have spent years in prison, or to be a child growing up in Tehran, or to have rediscovered love in your eighties? The Empathy Museum will help you find out.

Launched in 2015, the Empathy Museum is the first experiential arts space dedicated to helping us all look at the world through other people’s eyes. By touring internationally, it will explore how empathy can not only transform our personal relationships but also help tackle global challenges such as prejudice, conflict and inequality.

The shoe shop invite visitors to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – literally. With contributions that range from a sewer worker to a sex worker the stories cover different aspects of life, from loss and grief to hope and love and take the visitor on an empathetic as well as a physical journey. There is a collection of 99 stories and have the exhibit has already welcomed over 8,000 visitors.